Retreat Stay at Blue x Lilac Noto Japan

sataoyama life

satoyama life


shallow breathing in Tokyo,


deep breathing in Satoyama*, Noto

( *satoyama = forest, hill ) 


I had a cake shop in Tokyo

my daily routine ...

bake hundreds of cakes,

deliver to cafes,

clean up


really racing with time and

long time work


while satisfied with business,

wondering how to live next decades ...



headed out for next hints,

to world travelling


what I found ...

my healthy life

could be hints for someone


want to enjoy my life more


back to Japan then,

met a neglected house,

hidden in bushes,

birds flying ...


the house looked sad,

but authentic


want to do something 

with this potential house …

neglected house

renovating project begun !


theme is

satoyama natural style,

minimum but warm ...


plenty of satoyama wood used,

craftsman technic shines for details 

dining table

keyaki zelkova tree

turned into a dining table,

antique chest

customized to a shoe closet


and …

life needs melody !


surrounded by my favorites and

take a deep breath 


stepping forward,

painting new colors 

this is my new story,

blue x lilac