Retreat Stay at Blue x Lilac Noto Japan


Stay Plans

Q) I have food restriction … Special menu OK?

A) Depends on your request.

Basically we serve guests same menu from our daily meals.

Because we believe our health results come from what we eat.

We eat, vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, dairy products and sweets.

It gives good impacts on bacteria condition and mind.

If you don’t eat specific food, alternative food is available, such as pork to chicken or soy products.

We recommend guests who have food restriction try our short stay.

Feel free to ask your concerns.


Q) Can I eat out?

A) Yes.

Basically we cook and serve daily meals for guests.

Sometimes eat out at restaurants.

This is our real lifestyle.

So glad to take you to beloved restaurants by locals.

Mood for Yakitori, Udon, Sushi, Washoku?

 ( inclusive in weekly stay plans ) 


Q) Lunch bag available?

A) Yes.

Adapting guests day plan, we prepare Bento (portable style) for breakfast or lunch.


Q) Can I skip daily walk?

A) Yes.

Anytime you are welcomed to join to daily walks.


Q) Private bathroom available?

A) Unfortunately … No.

We have one bathroom and one toilet, shared by guests and staff.


Q) Friendly to wheelchair ?

A) Unfortunately … No, due to facilities.

Upstairs guest rooms,

Downstairs bathroom and toilet.

Need to go up and down stairs.

Seems unfriendly to children, elderly people.


Q) Can I book for a single person?

A) Unfortunately … No.

We offer stay plans for minimum 2 persons, maximum 4 persons.


Q) Able to rent entire place ?

A) No.

We offer home stay style accommodation.

Private rooms are reserved for guests.

Laundry and Daily room making services are included.


Q) The place is suitable for work stay ?

A) Yes.

The place is quiet and has wi-fi.

If you need printing out, let us know.

Suitable for a group work.

Guests privacy will be protected.


Q) How to get bluexlilac?

A) For stay guests, airport pickup and drop off service is included.
( round trip Noto airport and bluexlilac )

If you don’t use airport pickup and drop offservice, fee will be cash backed. 


Q) Can I park my car?

A) Yes. 2 cars available.


Q) What house rules do you have ?

A) The place is located at quiet residential area.

We kindly ask to all guests not to make a noise or litter and no smoking.


Q) Can I take photos in the place?

A) No.

We would like to protect the neighbors and staff privacy.

Please not to take photos indoor and outdoor.


Private Tearoom Plans

Q) Solo use available ?

A) Unfortunately … No.

We offer tearoom plans for minimum 2 persons, maximum 6 persons.

Sometimes we sell sweets at event sites.

Under Covid-19 safety policy, maximum 4 persons available temporarily.


Q) Business meeting available ?

A) Yes.

Maximum 6 persons available.

If you need to extend duration or catering service, let us know.


Q) Can I pop into tearoom without reservation?

A) Unfortunately … No.

Due to preparing fresh handmade sweets and food loss issues, we kindly ask to guests to make reservations for tearoom plans.