Retreat Stay at Blue x Lilac Noto Japan


there are many brand-name rice.




we select ... 

" koshihikari "

one of popular brands.

adjusts in noto nature condition.


- specification - 

good balance of

moisture, sweetness and textures.


matches with main dishes.


also tasty in chilled.

good for onigiri (rice ball)





- rice field -

locates away from human activity.


grown by rain and rich-mineral water

with minimum chemicals.


for weeding,

baby aigamo (duck) paddling around.


rice duck



- keep fresh -

rice is harvested once a year in autumn.


shinmai (fresh rice) has special flavor.


to keep the condition fresh

as much as possible,

our rice is stored in a farmer's rice cellar.


in addition,

rice is milled just before each cooking.


requests available, brown or white rice. 


cook rice