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Let’s … Flora !


Are you concerned with …


weight gain and loss ?

skin condition ?

peaceful mind ?


If so ...

let’s focus on intestinal condition.

These affect on the above.


It is said that

human has 1000 species bacteria

in their intestine,

which categorized to three groups.


Good (beneficial) bacteria

work for health maintenance


Bad (harmful) bacteria

for disease trigger


Opportunistic bacteria

follow the power balance of Good or Bad bacteria


For a healthy life,

the balance of bacteria is key.


Good 2 : Bad 1 : Opp7


This ideal balance looks

like a flower field, Flora.


Do you know someone

who eats same food, same portion ?


Some gets weight easily, some doesn’t.

Some has good skin condition, some doesn’t.


Why ? 

Because ...

it may come from their Flora condition.


Flora is also used for medical treatment,

such as obesity treatment.

Flora, “brown diamond” (!!),

is transplanted to a patient.

There are organizations,

called bacteria bank for matching. 


Moving on brain and Flora.


Under stressful situation,

don’t you have diarrhea or constipation?


These years, science shows that

people who are depression and dementia

have unbalanced of bacteria.


Intestines and brain effect each other so directly. 


For healthy mental and memory,

Flora is a key factor.


You, who reading this blog,

are on the start line for healthy life.


You can change the intestinal balance

by food what you eat.


Let’s improve your Flora step by step

with your pase ! 

The change may happen in 2 weeks.


Let’s treat bacteria well !

You can get healthy life in return.


Another blog post,

we will show you our daily meals.