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Healthy Life Span


Life span and Healthy life span.


Life span :

the period from birth to death.


Healthy life span :

the period of being active both physically and mentally.


Ideal to live just as you are as long as possible.


Japanese welfare stands on crossroads. 


For example, pension service.

While life span increasing year by year,

the population to support decreasing.


So unbalanced.


In 1960s, the service started.

At that time,

1 pensioner is supported by 10 active workers.


In 2020,

1 pensioner by 2 active workers.


The situation of 1 pensioner by 1 active worker,

called “shoulder ride” is almost there.


Medical expenses also increasing.


Now trying to redesign the total service.

Extending healthy life span is one of the big theme in Japan.


Simple question.

Is longevity good for human ?


Alas …


coming to mind for the first priority.


Used to be, rare to see centenarians.

It was a news.

There were ceremonies and gifts by nation.


Present time,

a news is to report the oldest age.



My grandmother passed away at age of 102.


Genetic potential on me !

Nothing sure for tomorrow but excited and anxious.


Wondering how it goes,

while gazing at my gray hair …


Aging comes to everyone equally.


What do you do for healthy life span?


I just do what I can.


Eat, Move and Smile !