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100-year life




Japan is one of longevity country.

The average of life gets longer year by year.


Here is a report.

Half of the children, born in Japan in 2007,

expect to live longer than 107 years old.


Half are over 100 …

Amazing number.


Medical care is one reason.

And daily routine is another reason,

especially daily meals.


What Japanese food do you know?


Sushi, Sukiyaki, Tempura …

Well-known menu but far away from daily meals. 

These are special menu.

(If we had these daily, we could be diabetes !)


This blog shows daily life in Japan.

Recipes of daily meals will be uploaded.


What kind of vegetables are available in your place?

Let’s try the local vegetables with Japanese cooking way !

Find out the secret of longevity.


If you visit Japan … 

Would you like to stay in our place, Blue x Lilac ? 

Through your weekly stay, you feel change in your body.


You are what you eat.


Eat Japan !

Let's celebrate 100th anniversary !

Viva centenarian !